The level of competition increased each year at the Rocky Mountain Auto Show.  Nationally award winning vehicles and locally built rides alike showed up to wow the spectators in the hopes of walking away with the $5,000 prize money sponsored by American National Insurance Company.

An important aspect that cannot be simply overlooked is the caliber of vehicles each year and the professionalism of our judging staff. There would NOT have been a show without these two components. Though the competition became stiffer each year, the judge’s diverse knowledge of automobiles and motorcycles placed them on a completely different level and set their expertise apart from other judges, which was vital to competition at this level both locally and nationally.

For almost 20 years, Greybeard partnered with the same team of the most elite judges in the nation to make things fair and square for those who choose to compete, but this event is not all about points and awards.  Over half of the vehicles on display are just that, on display, being shared from either personal collections or by those who aren't touring "on the circuit", but simply sharing their passion.  Occasionally local car dealerships are invited to showcase rare inventory that the general public may never have the opportunity to see in person otherwise.


Past Winners of the "Best of Show" - The Créme de la Chrome of the Rockies

2014 - 1934 Dodge 4-Door Sedan, built by Kindig-It Designs of Salt Lake City, Utah, owned by Justin and Randie Semadeni.

2013 – 1961 Chevy Impala “Under Pressure”, owned by Gil Losi

2012 – 1956 Ford Convertible “Suncammer” owned by Bruce and Judy Ricks

2011 - 1932 Ford Three-Window Coupe owned by Phil and Deb Becker.

2010 - 1951 Chevy 5 Window Pick Up, built by Cope Design

2009 - 1929 Ford Sedan Delivery, owned by Gary & Penny Goodwin

2008 - 1934 Chevy, owned by Conrad Nuanes

2007 - 1935 Ford 3 Window Coupe, owned by Doug & Flo Hoppe Sr.

2006 - 1927 Ford Coupe, owned by Mary & Linda Forey

2005 - 1941 Willys Coupe, owned by Del Martinez

2004 - 1934 Chevy, owned by Rich Udell

2003 - 1934 Ford 3 Window, owned by Van Macatee

2002 - 1933 Ford Roadster, owned by Fred Ginther

2001 - 1947 Ford Convertible, owned by Bill Strassburg

2000 - 1932 Ford Roadster, owned by Fred Ginther

1999 - 1932 Ford, owned by Larry Wemple

1998 - 1932 Ford 3 Window, owned by Ken Schell

1997 - 1958 Buick Wagon, Nelson Aregood


Click here for a list of the 2015 Awards